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Want a 16gb iPhone 5s? Enter to Win One!

Are you in the market for a new smartphone but just don't have the cash to purchase one outright? Would you aboslutley love to get yousrelf an iPhone 5s brand new but just don't have the money available? You might want to look into the option to win a iPhone 5s. That's right - a 16gb iPhone 5s can be yours if you enter a contest to get your hands on the Apple UK iPhone 5s. Sound too good to be true? It's not - you can get your hands on an iPhone 5s Apple UK phone today if you are lucky enough to be selected a winner from one of the myriad of contests offering the phone as a prize!


iPhones as Prizes?

It may sound too good to be true, but there really are contests out there offering iPhones and other Apple products as prizes to those lucky enough to be selected as winners. Competitions that want to get a lot of good turn out for their contests will very often offer truly good prizes because this will entice more people to enter. As such, you can generally find a few different contests offering up iPhones and the like as prizes when you start hunting around.


How to Enter

The key to entering online contests is to do that aforementioned hunting around, and to do if often. Online competitions are very often being added and so you need to keep up with all of the new additions. Doing a quick online search can generally turn up the contests that are going on, and you can narrow down your search to those offering iPhones as prizes fairly quickly. Once you have compiled your list of contests to enter, then you simply fill out the entry forms that ar built into each website, and voila. You are entered for the chance to win a free iPhone!


Consistency is Key

The real key to increasing your chances of being selected as a winner, of course, is by re-entering your information as often as the contest rules allow you to. In this way you are able to increase your chances of being selected as a winner, because you will have more entries in each contest. There is no guarantee of ever winning a contest, of course, but by increasing your odds of being chosen as a winner you increase your odds of coming away with that free iPhone prize! So try your luck, and start entering online competitions today! That new, free iPhone might be right around the corner!

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